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Smart Kaizen System

Kaizen is a Japanese word that means “improve”, “improvement”, and “change for better”. In business world, it is a term that means “improvement in profitability” and “activities to improve the company/organization”. For example, “Kaizen” is the efforts and activities to increase in profitability, productivity, efficiency, competency of personnel, and to build more rigid organization. Also, “Kaizen” is the efforts and activities to reduce inventory, lead-time, and man- hours, for instance.

Smart Kaizen System is an intelligent system which lets client companies/organizations carry out Kaizen activities and achieve significant gains. For example, a money losing company will be turned around with this intelligent system, and become lean & profitable in 6 months term. The system is built on practical knowledge, intelligence, theories, and experiences of the mastermind in Toyota Production Methods (that was studied and introduced to the US in the early 90s by MIT), which is composed of basic theories and collection of myriad number of Kaizen cases.

Development Concept:

  • "A simple system"
    It is a simple system rather than very complicated one. We do not pursue too far and be careful not to get too sophisticated.

  • “Small is Beautiful”
    Our basic concept is “Small is Beautiful.” It is a compact system of simple design that gives users the clear-cut solutions. Also, we are very flexible and quick to react for changes in economic and market environments.

  • "Solutions oriented system"
    We place a great emphasis on solutions for problems and themes our clients need to conquer. Methods, procedures, tools, & weapons to eliminate problems and polish the current organizations will be the most important both for our clients and us. We provide methods and approaches that shall eliminate/wipe out problems, which you may have never seen or heard of. Along with a set of practical tools and strong weapons, we will show clients how to carry out the procedures of Kaizen. In fact, many CEOs know what problems they have and what to be achieved to eliminate those problems, but they just don’t know how to do it; e.g. I know our problem is the slow chain of command to the changes in market demand, but I don’t know how to make it fast. We will show them how to carry Kaizen out with practical materials, tools, and weapons, and will bring significant results. Also, we will let clients achieve and see the gains soon. We will not make them wait for long.

  • “Case by case approach”
    We will figure out and design the treatment, solutions, procedures of Kaizen, select & give appropriate set of materials, tools, and weapons for each case of each client. What is needed to treat the client differs pretty much according as its demographic features, such as the size of an organization, level of management & control, organization & competency of personnel, and the management’s agenda/preference to be solved. An example: Very effective and strong weapons/methods to combat with the high cost of inventory at big corporations are frequently the poison for smaller companies.