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Back Office for Insurance Underwriting

Ascendeon provides software solution along with back office services to leading Insurance Underwriting companies of USA. Our insurance underwriting software helps the insurance companies to reduce the time taken for evaluation and overall underwritring thus improving internal process efficiency and reducing turn-around time.  
The insurance underwriting software developed by Ascendeon provides the best solution to decrease the business pressure and to make quick business decisions with minimal errors and eliminating human interference by automating all front and back office processes. We provide insurance underwriting software which enables the underwriters to accurately calculate life expectancy by processing the medical history of insurers.  
Our solution uses technology that provides workflow and document management capabilities along with client’s business rules to compose underwriting rules and thus automating the underwriting process. The major benefits of our services are that it eradicates human errors and also the duplicity of information.

Redaction Service

Our Redaction service removes all identifying information from an individual’s record. It is not automated and our operators view each record to remove such information as name, relatives, social security number, date of birth, addresses, phone numbers, lab ID numbers, insurance numbers, prescription numbers, account numbers and serial numbers of implanted devices.

Data Security

Ascendeon ensures complete confidentiality of personal and medical information of the insurers. Our off-shore facility at Kolkata, India is certified with ISO-27001 on Information Security Management System (ISMS).