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Back Office for Events Marketing

We are providing back office services to a couple of UK based events marketing companies. Ascendeon’s offshore infrastructure at Kolkata, India is having a dedicated team, who are providing entire back end services to few events marketing companies at UK for last couple of years.

The service provided by these events marketing companies is basically to increase visibility of various events in the Internet world as well as providing comprehensive event listing.

Ascendeon’s services include:

  1. Internet Research to identify event venues and event organizers and sourcing their details
  2. Internet Research to source forthcoming event details
  3. Event Categorization
  4. Prepare / Review / Edit event information / data (typically 20-50 fields)
    1. -   Event Title
    2. -   Category
    3. -   Date & Time
    4. -   Location
    5. -   Short Description
    6. -   Detail Description
    7. -   Artists / Speakers
    8. -   Price
    9. -   Organizer’s Info
    10. -   Contact Info
    11. -   Key Words
    12. -   Web Link
    13. etc.
  5. Build and Maintain event database
  6. Posting event details to hundreds of events listing websites

Ascendeon’s back office services is helping their clients to focus totally on business expansion without ever bothering on delivery infrastructure or delivery capacity. After tying up with Ascendeon, one of our clients is able to double their business volume in just 6 months.