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  • Offshore/Onshore Service Delivery
  • Global Reach
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    When you partner with us, you can take advantage of the more than 100 years worth of collective experience that our leadership team has in the Process Outsourcing and IT Staffing areas.

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    Staffing Services

    Let us handle your next IT Staff augmentation project and we will help you cut the hire timeline by at least 30% and save substantial time and money spent by you and your team in the interviewing process.

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    Offshore Services

    Let us help you use this highly disruptive business concept to your advantage. If done right, this can make you incredibly successful, but, failures are so common in this slippery path that you are better off going with an experienced partner.

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    See who all are already working with us before you talk to us. If needed, we will forward you contact details of some of them - the ones who have already permitted us to do so and after we sign an NDA with you - so that you can get an idea about their experiences with us.

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Incredible Benefits

Harness the power of our globally distributed delivery mechanism and get the best of several worlds.

Our savvy project leads based out of Northern Ireland and Houston in USA will provide you an unparalleled level of communication on everything related to your project(s) and even consult you on making improvements to the processes.

We are firm believers in:
'In the offshore outsourcing model, no level of communication can ever be termed as Over-Communication'.

On the other hand, our service delivery team, mainly based out of Kolkata, India, will dilligently deliver the services based on proven process management techniques. Will continue to make adjustments to the processes following the Kaizen technique and gradually bring in efficiency and quality enhancements into the process that will be irreversible.